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Audio & Vidéo

Broadcast your favorite music title in one or more rooms in your villa with a multiroom “audio system”.
Control independently the volume of each zone, as well as the choice of source, Airplay, Bluetooth, music service or Internet radio … thanks to a pleasant and easy to use visual interface.
Controlling all your audio and video equipment from a single remote or smartphone.



Opt for a “video multiroom” control and broadcast system allowing you to broadcast the image of your video sources such as a blu ray player, satellite decoder, camera recorder … to one or more rooms, all from a single interface .

And if your television was hidden behind a table, a mirror, if it came off the floor or ceiling and was visible only when you wanted it, simply by pressing a remote control or a smartphone?

Whether they are recessed, installed or invisible, the speakers will be selected to bring you optimum sound quality according to the constraints and design of each room.


Control your habitat in one step.
Your desires expressed through wireless audio and video broadcast.
Quiet mind with the management of security systems.
And much more …

An external sound system will complement the “multiroom audio” experience so that your favorite music will follow you everywhere.
A wide range of loudspeakers, from the most discrete designs, will fit perfectly into your outdoor spaces.