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Home Cinema

Find at home the immersion of a real cinema thanks to the creation of a private cinema.
Whether it’s an unoccupied room or a garage, we can transform them into a real home theater, and you will decide on the schedule of projection of movies …
The material will be carefully selected to ensure the visual audio experience you have always dreamed of.



Because a movie theater is not only a matter of audio and video equipment, we will deepen the study until the acoustic treatment and choice of the furniture according to the constraints of the piece and rendered aesthetic desired.

Access and watch your favorite movies in high definition with a video server. The dematerialization of your collection will allow you to enjoy your video library in your private cinema, but also on any screen of the villa.


Control your habitat in one step.
Your desires expressed through wireless audio and video broadcast.
Quiet mind with the management of security systems.
And much more …