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Lighting & Opening

Control all areas of lights, curtains and roller shutters in your home with intelligent control of lighting and doors.
Create and manage your own scenarios, open the curtains to let natural light enter, vary the light intensity to create warm atmospheres, turn off and close your villa from a single switch.



Let the light sensors and presence act on the lighting areas and the apertures in order to save you on your electricity bills and protect your furniture or works of art from the aggressions of the sunlight.

Choose from a wide range of switches and finishes depending on the interior design of your room.

The functionality of the buttons may be modified by simple programming, even once the villa completely finished.

Wireless solutions can also be integrated if you want to enjoy home automation lighting management and openable without the constraints of intrusive work.


Control your habitat in one step.
Your desires expressed through wireless audio and video broadcast.
Quiet mind with the management of security systems.
And much more …