Now you can combine passion and aesthetics to create a unique video-music atmosphere in every room of your home. In perfect harmony with your interior design, we make it a point of honor to carefully study each project, taking into account room acoustics and your aesthetic preferences.


Discover how our multi-room audio system can transform your home into a harmonious space where music accompanies you at all times.

Loudspeaker placement is crucial to optimum sound quality. Whether you wish to conceal sound equipment in walls and ceilings or leave it visible, we ensure that every location is carefully chosen. A careful selection of in-wall loudspeakers is offered to guarantee a touch of elegance to your interior.

Customize the soundscape to suit your preferences and enjoy an immersive musical experience. Thanks to a pleasant, intuitive visual interface, choose to control, independently or uniformly, the volume of each zone, and select the source of your choice: Airplay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio. The multi-room audio system can also be connected to your home automation system, eliminating the need for multiple applications. Whether you want to listen to Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn or others, manage your music selection at your fingertips, from a single application.


The perfectly integrated outdoor sound system offers an exceptional sensory experience for your outdoor moments. Not only does it add an immersive dimension to your summer entertaining, it also helps create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Enjoy wonderful moments around the pool, or in the open air – managing your sound system is now at your fingertips.

Discreet integration preserves the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Properly integrated, it transforms your garden into a place where sound and nature coexist harmoniously.


A “Multiroom” control and broadcasting system lets you broadcast the image from your video sources, such as a blu- ray player, satellite decoder or camera recorder, to one or more rooms of your choice, all from a single interface.

Enjoy your favorite photos or movies in 4K ultra high definition on any screen in your home. Our advanced, customized technology allows sound and image to follow you around your home, from room to room.


Televisions, although indispensable for our entertainment, can often disrupt the visual harmony of your rooms. Screen motorization offers an aesthetic and practical solution by concealing your TV. You can optimize space, benefit from design flexibility and intelligently control the visibility of your screen.

By integrating screen motorization into your home automation system, you create a welcoming, immersive ambience, without compromising the style of your living space. This solution preserves the overall aesthetics of your rooms by highlighting other decorative elements.

Home cinéma

« Investing in a private cinema means investing in happiness for you and your family. »

Our top-of-the-range service combines cutting-edge technology and design to deliver exceptional sound and image quality for an immersive cinematic experience.

Laugh, jump, cry and experience your films to the full with Dolby Atmos surround sound from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be plunged into the heart of the action, with enveloping sound that will transport you to the heart of the plot.

You’ll be able to control your session with a single, intelligent remote control.
Just press « Start » and let the magic happen.


When designing a private cinema, acoustic insulation plays a vital role in reducing unwanted noise from outside and minimizing internal resonance.

To guarantee optimum sound insulation, we use specific materials such as absorbent panels, acoustic insulation and special floor coverings. These materials help reduce echoes and reverberations, delivering immersive sound quality in the cinema.

network & WiFi

The foundation of a successful installation.

Whether it’s lighting, doors, security, smart thermostats or any home automation system, a reliable connection is essential to ensure smooth coordination of your simultaneously connected devices.

Our network system incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, including Wifi 6, to provide optimum coverage in every room of your villa.