Home Smart Home puts its expertise and know-how in home automation at your disposal. Our aim is to guide you through the integration of an installation that not only matches your expectations and lifestyle, but also your budget.


The study will define the different positions of the equipment according to the constraints of each room. All details and execution plans will be communicated to the various contractors to guarantee the success of the installation.

The equipment will be selected to ensure that the home automation system fits discreetly into your home.



Home Smart Home will follow your project every step of the way to ensure that plans and requirements are respected. We are able to collaborate with architects, interior designers, electricians and other trades to ensure the smooth running of our installation.

We will provide you with final drawings of our installations at the end of the project, taking into account any changes that may have occurred during construction.



Home Smart Home installs and integrates equipment in accordance with the study provided, respecting construction schedules, access times and on-site regulations.
We are committed to guaranteeing the quality of the equipment by following the installation procedures recommended by the manufacturers. So you benefit from professional installation and appropriate guarantees for your equipment.


to make
an easy life

Depending on your lifestyle and expectations, Home Smart Home will program your controls, tablets, smartphones and other home automation equipment to provide you with optimum user comfort. We’ll guide you through the system to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The controllers are programmed to perfectly match your habits and lifestyle.
HOME SMART HOME centralizes the management of your home equipment with a single command. Your tablet or smartphone becomes the sole intermediary for the management of your home automation equipment, offering you optimum ease of use.



In perfect harmony with our values, we are committed to ensuring the maintenance and smooth operation of your system. After installation, we offer a one-year warranty.

Thereafter, we offer a maintenance and troubleshooting contract to keep your system up to date and guarantee rapid intervention in the event of a breakdown.
Our aim is to keep your system running at peak performance, and to give you complete peace of mind.