Lighting plays an essential role in creating the optimum ambience and comfort in your living space. By opting for a connected lighting installation, you can enjoy a harmonious lighting experience tailored to every activity.


Combined with curtain and blind programming, lighting management creates the right ambience for any situation.

New lighting solutions such as Tunable white or Soft Dim allow you to vary color temperatures from warm white to extra cool white as you wish. Choose warm, soft shades to promote relaxation and well-being in your living room or bedroom. For work spaces or rooms requiring greater concentration, opt for cooler, more stimulating color temperatures.
Dali2 technology will enable you to interconnect several lighting systems for flexibility and fine-tuned mood management.

Lighting is also essential to highlight your works of art. Architectural interior illumination guarantees that your decoration and paintings will stand out. We’ll help you choose and position the right lighting.

Thanks to the latest-generation solutions, the scalability of lighting and shutter control is infinitely expandable. You can now control all lighting circuits, roller shutters and curtains from keypads. What’s more, the switches’ inspiring, timeless design will bring a touch of elegance to any room they’re installed in!
Radio technology also enables us to offer you a solution combining wired keypads from the Palladium range and wireless keypads from the PICO range.

Recognized as energy-efficient, our solutions help reduce your electricity costs. Let the light and presence sensors act on lighting zones and openings to save you money on your electricity bills.

Thanks to generalized control, it’s easy to leave the house: the lights switch off automatically.
You can also check that your lighting system is switched off remotely via your smartphone app.

Lighting, an ally in security:
Automatic programming of lights and control of openings simulate your presence when you’re away, thus deterring intruders.


Imagine being able to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden or pool with a simple click.

Whether you want to create a warm atmosphere for evenings out with friends or highlight certain architectural features of your property, outdoor lighting management offers you unrivalled flexibility.

You can automate the switching on and off of lights according to time, presence or even ambient brightness.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces, transforming them into a true haven of peace thanks to integrated outdoor lighting management.

This enhances the security of your property and saves energy by avoiding unnecessary lighting.

network & WiFi

The foundation of a successful installation.

Whether it’s lighting, doors, security, smart thermostats or any home automation system, a reliable connection is essential to ensure smooth coordination of your simultaneously connected devices.

Our network system incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, including Wifi 6, to provide optimum coverage in every room of your villa.

Lifestyle: lighting, blackouts & comfort

By harmonizing lighting, curtains and temperature in your interior, you can create a perfect symbiosis that translates into a harmonious atmosphere in your living space.