Integrating a remote control system for heating and air conditioning has become essential for modern homes in their quest for comfort. At HOME SMART HOME, we offer an automated temperature control solution that gives you total control over your thermal comfort.


Our automated temperature control solution lets you create distinct zones with personalized settings for each room. Adjust the temperature according to your preferences and enjoy a warm ambience in the living room or a pleasant coolness in the bedroom.

Pre-set temperature scenarios based on time slots allow you to optimize your thermal comfort according to your habits.
The heating or air-conditioning system can be activated before you return, ensuring the ideal temperature in your villa as soon as you get home.

Using opening sensors, your heating and air-conditioning system automatically adapts to optimize energy efficiency. In this way, you can reduce your energy costs while maintaining optimum comfort in all circumstances.

Whether you’re comfortably seated on your sofa or working remotely, you can control not only the temperature, but also the opening and closing of blinds to optimize the thermal comfort of your rooms. Your villa becomes entirely controllable via a tablet with a personalized interface.

A large glazed surface can lead to a significant rise in interior temperature when exposed to the sun. It is therefore essential to install solar protection systems such as curtains, sheers or roller blinds to maintain optimum comfort all year round, while preserving minimal natural lighting.

network & WiFi

The foundation of a successful installation.

Whether it’s lighting, doors, security, smart thermostats or any home automation system, a reliable connection is essential to ensure smooth coordination of your simultaneously connected devices.

Our network system incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, including Wifi 6, to provide optimum coverage in every room of your villa.

Lifestyle: lighting, blackouts & comfort

By harmonizing lighting, curtains and temperature in your interior, you can create a perfect symbiosis that translates into a harmonious atmosphere in your living space.