Our curtain and blackout solutions can be perfectly adapted to your needs, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your home. Thanks to generalized scenarios, you can easily manage the natural light in your rooms.

and sailings

Choose to personalize the natural light in your home to match your mood and lifestyle. With a variety of curtain rods, roller blinds, venetian blinds or boat blinds, we offer eight blind styles and over 1,500 materials and fabrics available.

Our range blends elegantly and discreetly into your interior.

The automatic blackout configuration protects your furniture and works of art from direct sunlight. Enjoy the perfect ambience and optimum light control with the shades solution.


Thanks to our expertise in home automation, we offer solutions to enable you to open, close and program your shutters, blinds, curtains and doors according to your needs and preferences.

By integrating general shutter closing at nightfall, when you leave or when heat is detected, you reduce unnecessary energy consumption and guarantee optimum comfort in all circumstances.

We’ve selected ultra-quiet equipment to guarantee an unrivalled experience of comfort and aesthetics.
You’ll be able to control them easily from our intuitive interface, whether from your smartphone, tablet or dedicated remote control.

Simplify your daily life and improve your comfort with our automated opening solution.

network & WiFi

The foundation of a successful installation.

Whether it’s lighting, doors, security, smart thermostats or any home automation system, a reliable connection is essential to ensure smooth coordination of your simultaneously connected devices.

Our network system incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, including Wifi 6, to provide optimum coverage in every room of your villa.

Lifestyle: lighting, blackouts & comfort

By harmonizing lighting, curtains and temperature in your interior, you can create a perfect symbiosis that translates into a harmonious atmosphere in your living space.